You Could Be Owed

Thousands of Pounds

 In Mis-Sold Energy Contracts

90% of business owners don't know

They have hidden charges in the energy contracts just "like your business"


The energy market is a complicated in the way energy is sold in contracts.

There are over 2000 brokers and suppliers, find out if your Broker is the Good, Bad or The Ugly. 

Our goal is helping business reclaim what's hidden charges business owners have hidden in their contracts. 90% have a claim to make they don't know .exists 

Our experts and legal team offer a free evaluation to see if your business has a claim. This a win/win situation for all parties as it doesn't cost you a penny to find out

Use our calculator to see what your business could be owed. You will be surprised how much you may have to come back from an Energy Claim.


We use our experience to create your claim

Experts in the Energy Market, in reclaiming hidden commissions in SME's Micro breweries , Independent pubs and chains, Care homes, Private Nursing, Hospices, Hotels, Manufacturing  and high energy business consumption users.

We are a professional dedicated team and most of all we are unbiased to any energy brokers or suppliers as we have never done business with selling energy contracts.

Our customer team care support is with you all the way to retrieve your hidden energy charges

Miss sold energy?

Why does this happen?

The energy brokers industry has not been regulated and makes it very easy for Brokers to hide extra commissions in the contract(s) you have committed to and sometimes a lengthy long contract in years.

This works as the brokers add extra commissions on top of the unit rate of kWh

Hopefully by exposing all the brokers with hidden commissions the energy industry will cleans up its act and be regulated

We are here to help you, lets see if your business has a claim to retrieve your money

Take the next steps

Here's an example

Average Cost Of Energy:  15p/kWh

Energy Broker Commission:  2p/kWh

Energy Broker Services Commision Model:
Your Bill Shows: 17p/kWh Paid To Supplier

Supplier Pays:  2p/kWh To Broker

Contract : Electric

Contract length : 3 years

Energy Brokers commission 2p

Annual consumption: 350,000 kWhs

Broker fee= £21,000

Example on a customer Energy usage 

Broker gets a price 15p for a 3-year contract

Broker adds 2p (uplift) Contract and invoices show 17p

Supplier invoices customer @ 17.0 p kWh

Broker fees = £21.000

Total Mis-Sold Commission To Reclaim:  £42,000

The Process


We need to know how many meters are installed at your business premise's  and have a copy of the contract(s), if you have signed and sent to the brokers


Next step is our legal Team investigate your contracts working out how your business can claim


After establishing the value of the claim, then it's your decision to instruct how to act for you with hidden energy commissions in the contract(s)


See the most asked questions

What can I expect my claim to be owed to me ?

Your claim depends on the value of the energy your business has used , with the hidden commissions inside your contract(s)
Average claim is over £25,000, smaller claims can be as little as £2500

How long does it take to get my refund?

It depends on many factors but our legal team will know more once they have done their investigation on viewing your contract(s)

How far back can a claim go?

Normally six years. but in rare cases can go much further.

What will it cost me to claim a refund?

We work on a no-win, no-fee agreement. So if your claim is unsuccessful, you don't pay. If the claim IS successful, we take the fee we agreed on before starting the claim.

We have a great relationship with our broker. Why should I review them?

Many of our clients had long-term relationships with brokers they trusted. But where there is trust, there is a chance for the broker to take advantage of added commissions.

You have a professional relationship with your broker, and being curious about your payments shouldn't affect your relationship.

Will a claim affect my contract?

Generally not. The most common outcome is your broker removing the hidden commission (leaving you with a lower rate).

How likely is it that I've been mis-sold?

There are no solid figures. However, mis-sold contracts have equated to £2.25 Billion in hidden commissions, and a whopping 90% of small businesses are (or have been) mis-sold by their energy broker.

Can't I ask my broker?

You can, but if they're mis-selling you a contract, there's a good chance they'll hide the information you need to make an informed decision.

Will I have to go to court?

Only a small fraction of cases result in court action. If your case goes to court your solicitor will be there to support and guide you through the whole process.

Get back whats yours.

OFEGEM have said 67% of UK businesses have used an energy brokers and Energy suppliers, estimates show that up to £2bn has been overcharged in hidden commissions. "Just like your Business".

We are helping businesses like yours claim back significant amounts of this money. Our average claim is £25,000


If you want a free evaluation ?  Take action now, contact us or fill the form and we will be in touch.