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Trade Effluent Consent & Negotiation/Cost Reduction

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Trade Effluent Consent & Negotiation/Cost Reduction

Trade Effluent 

The cost of collecting, treating and disposing of trade effluent depends on the volume of effluent discharged and the strength of the waste water. Water Companies assess the volume and strength of trade effluent before it enters the sewers.

Calculating charges for trade effluent

Charges are based on Mogden formula. This takes into account the following relevant costs:

  • Collection
  • Primary treatment
  • Biological treatment
  • Treatment and disposal into the sea
  • Biological oxidation of settled sewage
  • Treatment and disposal of primary sludge

The formula takes into account the level of treatment needed for trade effluent from a particular customer. This means that customers pay less for waste water that is cleaner. This means properly knowing how 'clean' your effluent is potentially makes a real difference to your final bill. 

As each company calculates the average costs for its region, charges do not reflect the costs incurred at any one treatment works. Companies may reduce the collection charge for customers who discharge directly to the treatment works.

Mogden formula

Charges for trade effluent are based on the Mogden formula, which is charge per unit of effluent = R + [(V + Bv) or M] + B(Ot/Os) + S(St/Ss)7

R = reception and conveyance charge [p/m3]

V = primary treatment (volumetric) charge [p/m3]

Bv = additional volume charge if there is biological treatment [p/m3]

M = treatment and disposal charge where effluent goes to sea outfall [p/m3]

B = biological oxidation of settled sewage charge [p/kg]

Ot = Chemical oxygen demand (COD) of effluent after one hour quiescent settlement at ph 7

Os = Chemical oxygen demand (COD) of crude sewage one hour quiescent settlement

S = treatment and disposal of primary sewage sludge charge [p/kg]

St = total suspended solids of effluent at ph 7 [mg/litre]

Ss = total suspended solids of crude sewage [mg/litre]

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Free Comprehensive Forensic Water Audit and Analysis

We provide a complete forensic water audit of your company to ensure you're running as efficiently as possible. We specialise in cost reductions, refunds and in some cases removal of charges completely. 

Our services are provided on a completely free basis with zero upfront cost to your company. If we can't save your company money you pay nothing.

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The UK's Leading Water Reduction Company

Saving over £35million for our clients 

police northumbria
Northumbria Police

Our partnership with Northumbria Police on its Carbon Management Plan also delivered significant cost savings.

Priory group
The Priory Group
The Priory Group

Achieved significant savings and rebates after assessing the 275 Priory facilities across the UK.


Appointed by Abellio ScotRail to conduct a project investigating their annual water and effluent charges.  Significant refunds plus, more manageable, lower ongoing water and effluent costs achieved.

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